Wednesday, July 23, 2008

** crickets **

Been super busy with some deadlines at work lately. I just wanted to chime in and say that I'll be posting some things in the upcoming days. Its tough I guess knowing how often to update. I started this as a post whenever deal but things got off to a really good start and I felt like I had to keep posting to maintain the experience for repeat visitors but at some point that starts feeling forced and I think the quality of the work will dip. I also have a ton of email I have fallen behind on, so if you wrote me please forgive the delay in replying.


Chris said...

Hope to see some gnarly art. Keep up the awesome work.

John Braine said...

I wouldn't worry about regular posting in the golden age of RSS. The 1,350 people subscribed to your blog won't forget you!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about updating all the time. You started this place up jsut as a place to show your artwork. Its not a Web-Comic. lol. So don't worry about it.

MW said...

It would be cool to just make a schedule, like at least a bi-weekly post. Once a month is a little too long for people to wait.

Love what I've seen so far though, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Love all your work as well..
Don;t worry about posting all the time tho.. I always am checking daily.. its worth the wait!!!

Keep up the Awesome Work!

Loner Gamer said...

Looking forward to your new content. Thanks for the update.

MaxorChuck said...

hello pixeloo just knowing what I am and I enrolled in your blog and I liked his art is much more realistic assessment and seen his work.

I liked the baby "Stewie Griffin jajaja this fantastic

all his work is a work of art,

I am a fan of Spider-Man comics and venom

an image would be fantastic

Spider-Man fighting the poison in the skyscraper to death.

please :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking in.

Chai said...

do not worry...we still love you:D

Jon said...

lol i am glad to see i'm not the only one that checks daily! i am still not keen on RSS feeds, but I get bored often and this is one of my favourite sites to check!

Anonymous said...

PLEEAAASSEEE make a real Joker from Batman The Animated Series!!!

Here's the picture.



Unknown said...

I would love to see the following:

Home Movies Characters
South Park Characters
Dirk The Daring - Dragon's Lair
Link - Legend of Zelda
Princess Peach
Princess Zelda
Hayasheda - Cromartie High School
Takanuchi - Cromartie High School
April O'Neil - TMNT
Any Thundercat
Yosamitie Sam - Looney Toons
More Family Guy
More Simpsons

I love your work and it is very very awesome to me, I would be happy with anything you decided to do but this is a list of things I would love to see you do whenever you had the chance or wanted to do so.

Awesome work, I love all of em.

Anonymous said...

You do very interesting work. Your rendition of Homer Simpson was highly disturbing. I was wondering if you might try doing the same sort of photorealistic take on ... DAGWOOD BUMSTEAD.

Anonymous said...

nice post, there was a spam above.

Anonymous said...

we love and wouldn't forget you

Clipping Path said...

awesome dude... love it!