Untooned Poll

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Although an untooning isnt the next thing i'll be working on I thought I'd throw up a poll while i still have some traffic to get an idea of what people like to see most. I narrowed it down to ones i think would be interesting and a challenge to work on. Make you pick on the upper right corner there. The reason I am avoiding certain suggestions is that some were too similar to what I've already tried (such as more Simpsons or Futurama characters) or some weren't human (sonic, spongebob) and some where already untooned if you think of it (like Shrek, or the Gman). I'll leave this poll up for about 10 days and see which is the most popular. Have a neat weekend.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking at the Homer pic, and after seeing a comment about it, i agree, i think i shoulda done more with the hair. he pretty much looks fully bald.

oh well :\

What's next

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've gotten a lot of requests for untooning some other toons. I appreciate all the interest in what i've done over the last couple week and am glad people enjoy it. That said, it'll probably be a few posts before I get to another one. There are some other things I'd like to try here before doing another untoon. When the time comes to make another one though, I may put up a poll and see who people out there would like to see most.


Here is a quick blend between the original image i used as my outline (click on the image to see the animated version). I noticed some comments wondering why i made the pupils so small and slightly off, it really was just because i was trying to stick to the original proportions of the cartoon so much. All Simpson's characters do have somewhat of a lazy-eye but its not as noticable when they are 2D.

On another note, does anyone have any recommendations for good free screen capture tools that will allow me to record what's going on Photoshop into a video? I thought it might be helpful to show the whole process next time I do one of these.

Also here are some of the texture sources I used for Homer. Hopefully these people won't mind me posting their pictures:

Homer Simpson Untooned

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As promised, if our beloved Simpson patriarch wasn't a toon.

[click to enlarge]

This one was a bit more difficult in that i wanted the light to come in mainly from one side with a bit of back light. So all my reference had to be lit from one side. For textures i needed but didn't have this lighting situation, i had to darken or light a bit to give the same effect.

For clarification, these aren't studies of what Homer would look like if he was a real person, its just what a cartoon like Homer would look like if he kept his toon proportions but had realistic texturing and lighting. I find this slightly less disturbing than the Mario one. :) Some might feel he looks too old, keep in mind he was in his 30's 20 years ago when the show first started. ;)

I saved my texture reference photos this time and i'll post those up in the next couple days for those who are interested.

Making Mario

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For those curious ones here is the render i found online that i based the Mario image off of:

As you can see, the hat texture was the part that i kinda got lazy on. :) I didn't save any of the reference pictures I got the textures from but I was able to track this one down again, I used a bunch from this photo I found from a costume store online:

Mainly around the ears, some from under the eyes. The stubble on the chin was from a picture of John McEnroe and the nose texture was from some old guy, i forget where.

So yeah, basically this is just glorified cutting and pasting :) I admit it.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Thanks for all the feedback and comments :) I'm glad so many people enjoyed this latest pic and it got me excited to start on my next one. I'm about 90% done with the "real" Homer Simpson and will be posting it as soon as i have some more time to work on it and finish.

Super Real Mario World

Saturday, March 15, 2008

[click to enlarge]

If Mario was real, thas one creepy plumber. Created with Photoshop CS2 and a bunch of random faces pasted over a 3d render of Mario from Nintendo. View one of Homer Simpson here.


Monday, March 10, 2008

hi. welcome to the pixeloo. i like photoshop and making photoshops. i use a wacom intuos. enjoy, i don't know how often i'll update. but i randomly get ideas in my head that i want to see and i will share those ideas here. i might share anything else i find too that i like.

please share this site with others. please don't link directly to any images. please enjoy your day.