An experiment

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've wanted to try something for awhile now and just never had the time.... i figured i should just post it to put a bit of pressure on myself to get off me ass.

I want to do a test which I think would be fun and hopefully interesting to people.

I'm not sure how much traffic i get anymore these days, but hopefully there are enough people seeing this to make this work. In the comments, in one sentence, post a situation involving people that would never happen in real life. To keep it fun involve at least 2 famous people. I think the more random and off-the-wall the situation the funner the result. My goal is to see if I could recreate this situation as photo-realistically as possible in one single image.

If you read ideas you like, let people know in the comments as well. I'll go through em all in a week or two and see if there are any favorites or any that sound like fun.

(edit: Whatever the result, if i fail to create something good, i'll post the result anyway. eek! )

Request: Keep in clean.