Sunday, May 25, 2008

I ran across this blog a couple months ago by checking referring traffic sources and felt like I had to share it. It seems pretty popular already, but its new to me, so I'm posting it in case others haven't seen it before.

Incredibly amazing collection of art and photography from different artists that I find very inspiring.
(some images potentially NSFW)

check it.

Stewie Griffin Untooned

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stewie Griffin
[click to enlarge]

Gotta run this morning, but I'll post this and talk a bit more about the process later this weekend. One thing I'll say its definitely harder to get that "realistic" look with smooth skin. This seems pretty illustrated compared to Homer and Mario. Anyway, cheers, enjoy!

* UPDATE * I got a date on the Official Playstation Magazine UK magazine of Nico Bellic. It'll be on shelves June 16th, check it out if you're in the UK or somewhere that has it!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ok so I'm about 85% done with Stewie. I know I said it'd be done awhile ago but i only found time to really get into last night. Here is a preview:

I definitely plan on finishing and posting this by noon Saturday the latest. This time for real!

One thing I'm noticing is that these smooth skinned ones are hard to make "real". When you see the Stewie one, I think it will look a lot more drawn than Homer or Mario just by the fact that there isn't that much texture to toddler skin, as was the case with Jessica Rabbit.

On another note I've finished a Nico Bellic (of GTAIV) image that was done for Official Playstation Magazine UK which will be published in one of their upcoming issues. When i know final details I'll let you all know here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Someone passed this along. Pretty cool to see a whole bunch of untooning going on.

Link: RealToons
Looking through it looks like someone beat me to Stewie, and used the exact same pose I was using :\ Oh well, I think I'll pick a new Stewie image to start from. I can reuse about 90% of what i've already done, so it'll be fine. I'm not gonna say when its done since i missed the last deadline ;)

* UPDATE * I think it's important to remain encouraging to those who are trying new things. Considering the amount of time people had to do these (2 days) its fun to see and some of them are pretty good :)


Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've been quiet for a bit but just wanted to update and let you know that I'm about half-way done with Stewie Griffin. The head is pretty much done but i'm doing a fullbody one this time so the clothes are taking longer than I want it to. I'll probably post it sometime this weekend. If not then Monday the latest.


* UPDATE * I didn't end up recording the process this time around. It was pretty simple for the head though so i dunno how interesting it would have been. I'll make sure to record when i do a Popeye one.

* UPDATE 2* Oh man, i didn't have time to finish it up like I hoped. Maybe in the next few days. sorry!