Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Been a bit quiet here lately as I catch up on some errands and work. A word about upcoming things; I'll be posting the Nico Bellic image next week probably on Monday or Tuesday as thats when it hits newsstands in the UK. At the risk of losing a bit of my audience I'm going to be taking a break from untoonings as I feel like exploring some other concepts. I'll probably come back to them from time to time as I'm inspired to.

In the mean time, here are a few neat sites I've come across this week.



Anonymous said...

per il prossimo personaggio fai Broly!!!!plz

O. Rodríguez (Carpe Diem) said...

It's okay. As long as your work keeps being as awesome as usual, then go ahead. I'll keep checking from time to time for updates. ;)

Unknown said...

I hope you keep posting the new work, whether it is "untooned" or new concept.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the above...you underestimate yourself. We don't just enjoy your work simply because it uses old video-game characters. You're a fantastic photoshopper and we'd love to see whatever else you create.

Jude Calvert-Toulmin said...

hi pixeloo, i stumbled across your untooned jessica in a google image search for the designer of one of the fonts im using in my novel so i can link back to his site in the book credits!

anyway i checked out your drawergeeks link, totally awewome, thanks.

im so impressed with your work ive made a blidget for your blog and put it on the sidebar of my own blog as a permanent fixture.

it's here for anyone else that wants the blidget to advertise pixeloo's work on their own blog....

Anonymous said...

I suscribe to OPM UK, and saw the Niko pic a few days ago. you have a serious talent, and so far, your Niko image looks to be one of your best. Keep it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

And this is something you just dashed off a couple of sleepless hours?


Leonardo C. de Almeida said...

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